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Arizona Expedition: Season 2

Arizona Expedition is back for another year of exciting road trip adventures around the state. Explore the incredible beauty and unrivaled experiences you can only find here in Arizona.

Cody Ross

Though he wore different jerseys over his career, retired baseball star Cody Ross is best known as a Miami Marlin and for helping San Francisco win the 2010 World Series. He most recently played for the Arizona Diamondbacks and currently lives in Scottsdale with his family.

Outdoorsy Arizona

Explore the places Cody and his family visited on their up-north adventure.

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Matt Simons

Fun fact about musician Matt Simons: his single “Catch & Release” is the unofficial soundtrack of Arizona Expedition. Matt’s soulful piano-driven sound gained international attention in 2013, and his star continues to rise. Based in New York, he spends his time writing new music and touring Europe.

Urban Phoenix

Hit up the same culinary and artistic hotspots Matt toured during his trip.

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Emily Elyse Miller

A food and travel junkie, Emily is a frequent contributor to many food and travel publications as well as the founder of, Trends on Trends, a creative agency focused on breakfast and morning-time rituals. Her newest project, BreakfastClub, brings creatives, chefs, editors and influencers together for great food and conversation

Trendy & Tasty

Explore the many flavors Arizona has to offer.

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Robin ArzÓn

Robin traded in her career as a corporate lawyer to become a fitness coach, journalist and ultramarathoner. A sought-after brand ambassador for top fitness brands, Robin also authored the bestselling book Shut Up And Run and co-created the fitness and lifestyle magazine UNDO.

Fit, Fun & Fabulous

See where we took Robin during her wellness trek.

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